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Metal Cutting and Forming Machine Show

Metal cutting machine tools: flexible machining centers, turning, milling, boring, grinding, gear machining, electric machining, special machining machines, wire cutting machines, etc.

Metal forming machine: laser cutting machine, punching machine, bending machine, shearing machine, sawing machine, hydraulic press, sheet metal surface treatment, metal mold, etc.

Machine tool accessories: various machine tool components, machine tool accessories, machine tool appliances, CNC systems, digital display devices, lubricants, etc.

Measuring instruments: three-coordinate measurement, two-dimensional, image projector, laser interferometer, tool measuring instrument, various micrometers, etc.

Work cutting tools: various profile machining tools, combination tools, non-standard tools, tool coatings, abrasive tools, manual, pneumatic, power tools, etc.

Industrial Automation and Robotics Exhibition

Industrial robots: welding, painting, palletizing, sorting, handling robots, assembly, Cartesian robots, robots, etc.

The overall solution: robot integration application, robot workstation, intelligent production line, digital workshop, unmanned factory, etc.

Non-standard automation: non-standard automation equipment, 3C automation, intelligent assembly, drive/control/test system, etc.

Robot vision: black and white, color smart cameras, image processing systems, industrial lenses, industrial cameras, light source systems, vision systems, etc.

Core components: controllers, sensors, reducers, bearings / servo motors / rail screws, wire and cable, human machine interface, FA automation parts, etc.

Electrical system: Transformers, uninterruptible power supplies, servo motors, frequency converters, transmissions, mechanical drive systems, electrical switches, industrial electrical systems, etc.

Informatization of industrial manufacturing: industrial computers, factory integrated management software, factory production software, assembly and handling systems, positioning systems, development tools, etc.

Industrial Manufacturing Elements Exhibition

Metal profiles: stainless steel, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, alloy, tool steel and other special metal raw materials enterprises, etc.

Precision parts processing: machining of shaft parts, OEM processing of high-precision parts, special-shaped parts, mold parts, etc.

Fastener manufacturing: standard and non-standard parts such as bolts, nuts, washers, screws, fasteners in the automotive/mechanical/electronics, etc.

Mold manufacturing: plastic molds, metal molds, precision mold parts, mold and molding technology, CAD/CAM/CAE, etc.

Precision Machining Technology: Various types of metals, ultra-precision machining and compact processing technology, special metal for large parts, plastic processing technology, etc.

Tool tools: car, milling, boring, drilling, grooving, threading, taps, superhard tools and shanks, electro-pneumatic tools, etc.

Surface treatment technology: electroplating, surface coating, spraying, sand blasting, electrolysis, wire drawing, polishing, grinding, vacuum coating, etc.

Industrial measuring equipment: three-coordinate measuring, two-dimensional measuring instrument, optical image measuring instrument, photo measuring system, size measuring tool, etc.

Industrial oil products: metal cutting fluid, lubricating grease, anti-rust oil, coolant, antifreeze, gear oil, rail oil, heat transfer oil, etc.

3D printing: 3D printer, 3D scanner, 3D measuring instrument, 3D printing material, 3D printing technology, hand board making, etc.

Environmental protection and safety: Wastewater treatment, waste gas treatment technology and equipment, hazardous chemical recovery and treatment, safety production and protection

Industrial Internet Exhibition

Hardware equipment and system software: industrial computer, IoT data acquisition instrument, remote data monitor, RFID, converter, industrial remote control launch and recovery device, industrial IoT overall solution, industrial control software, network security platform, industrial cloud computing , industrial big data, information systems, etc.

Technology application: Application solutions for industries such as electronics, mold manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, machining, new energy, warehousing and logistics

Laser processing system: a high-quality display platform for advanced laser processing technology

Industrial Service Exhibition

Industrial park: National new industrialized industrial base, economic and technological development zones at all levels, office buildings, incubators, industrial real estate, etc.

Park supporting services: planning and design, smart park solutions, operation services, Internet of Things, investment and financing institutions, etc.

Enterprise supporting services: certification, quality, finance, intellectual property, trademark, management consulting and other service agencies

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